There was a time when people used to drop messages using pigeons to their loved ones sitting far away. The trend was replaced by writing letters. Then came the wired phones where people could hear the voices and considered it as a big blessing. Today, not only one can listen to the voice but one can see a real-time video on a smartphone with no wires. This trend shows how much technology advanced within a century. Exponential advancement is seen in the last decade. What can we expect in the next decade? An obvious rule of software technology over the world.

As per research, those who do not make their products artificially intelligent till 2030 will have no existence in the future. It means it’s all about intelligent systems from now on. Everything is going to be related to software in near future. In previous times, the automation industry replaced manpower. Machine and robots took the jobs of human workers from industries. In the coming future, the software will replace professionals and experts from life. Hence, there is a probability you may lose your job if you haven’t equipped yourself with the latest technology.

We have seen it already; supermarkets have been replaced by online grocery stores. With just a click on the phone, we can easily build your wardrobe from scratch. We can surprise our loved ones, living far away from us, from online gift stores. No car, no worries. A simple app on our phone can bring the car to our doorstep and can take us to places. Netflix is already replacing Televisions from our daily routine. It’s all about the latest technology and software in our lives. The story does not end here. This software technology is going to define our lives in the near future.

In some time, the concept of laptops and televisions will be diminished. The world of VR, AR, IoT, data analysis, and cloud computing is emerging. This time is not far away and we are already observing a glimpse of it. The customers will prefer to go for a software friendly product. Well, who does not like to access things while sitting on his favorite couch?

In the far future, there will be a time when no doctors will be needed. Sensors will be implanted in our bodies to track the health record. Through numerous software, the illness will be recorded on our phone and similarly, the process of medicine will be done. Does it sound scary? Yes, it does. But it also means that we have to go with the pace of the world. The bookish life is facing a dead end. It’s all about how much artificial intelligence and machine learning you implement in your product. If your product does not come with custom software solutions, it is going to be a big fail. The competition in the market is going to rise on the peak as every entrepreneur is well aware of the software demand in this hour of the technological century.

After analyzing the growing trends in technology, we can safely say that software technology will rule the world. The time is not far either. In a decade or two, a smartphone with tons of software and apps will be the solution to every single problem. Every resource will be a click away and every comfort will be at the doorstep with a little exercise of thumbs. Or who knows, the thumbs will be replaced by an eye gesture within some time. All in all, it’s all the game of software. Therefore, if your product comes with a convenient software solution, it will be on the top ranks. Otherwise, it will remain dead in the cave.

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