Every year we witness a new trend emerging in science and technology. Some of them become a norm with time while others become obsolete. There was seen an emerging trend of mobile apps in the last decade. With the passage of time, the mobile app trend did not diminish. On the other hand, it went to its peak. Accessing a product through the mobile app is a customer’s first choice. A customer will always prefer a product which he can view on his smartphone while sitting comfortably on his couch.

The future of app development seems very promising. In the next five years, the field of app development will be experiencing a twist regarding new technology. To get to know about the future of app development in the next five years, read the full blog below.

Beacon Technology

Beacon technology utilizes BLE signals to help business or an enterprise connect with their customers. A mobile app powered with Beacon will be able to catch signals in a beacon’s zone. Consequently, the customer will be notified about his required product around him through the app. Beacon technology will target the tourism and travel industry, the process of mobile payment, and physical games.

AI and ML equipped Mobile Apps

It is predicted that AI and ML will turn the Sci-Fi into reality. In the future, the AI and ML equipped apps will not even let the users use their fingers. With just speech and eye gestures, the customer will be able to look for the desired products through mobile apps.

5G Wireless Technology

The technology of 5G wireless will be all over the app development industry in the coming years. The speed of apps will be increased to 100 times more than the 4G network. Samsung and LG are already working on bringing the 5G chips into the market. According to the research, 5G is the future.


The technology of EMM and APP has already dwelled in the field of mobile app development. APM ensures that the app does not go sluggish because of various snags. EMM ensures the security of the devices with the apps. In the future, these technologies will be there to provide similar functions, which will help in increasing the efficiency and productivity of a business.

AR and VR technology

AR and VR are usually being implemented in the entertainment and gaming industry. It is predicted that in near future, these technologies will also be executed in apps. In this way, the customer will be able to visit the product virtually, before buying it. Sephora and IKEA have already implemented VR technology in their apps and their customers are very satisfied. In 5 years, AR and VR will become a norm in app development.


In near future, most of the businesses will be handled over chatbots. Customers, while sitting at home, will have a real-time interaction with the employees of an enterprise using Bots technology. It is already induced in the apps of healthcare and eCommerce sectors.

Instant Mobile Apps

We all want to use mobile apps but never want to download them. In the future, downloading an app would not be necessary anymore. A customer can have an instant mobile app and will be able to experience the real app functions. How helpful will it be!

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

The technology of AMP will help us load the websites at the speed of light. No more waiting for a website to load with AMP. Mobile apps will implement this technology religiously in the coming future.

IoT in Apps

Are you one of those people who always forget whether you switched off the light or burner while leaving the house? No worries anymore. Your smartphone will now alarm you about any such situation. IoT integration with mobile apps will make your smart home and smart business a reality.

Cloud Technology

Cloud is known to provide us with unlimited space. The amalgam of an app with Cloud is new in trends. It will be the norm in the next 5 years. Cloud helps with streamlined operations, enhanced productivity, improved collaboration, and low equipment cost.

App development has a rich future. It will be going through a lot of technological advancements. Any business, not equipping with the latest technologies in app development will be ruled out soon. If you want to make your business smart through mobile apps, you can contact us. We provide custom software solutions with the latest technology. To get a quote, please click the button below.