Technology has embedded strong roots in our lives. It seems like, we are born with a technological spoon in our mouths. Every single day, we use numerous inventions of technology, we can’t even count. Life would be an impossible journey without technology. Our minds will go literally numb if we start thinking of not use any technology for one day. This raises some questions. Are we so much dependent on technology that we can not live without it? Has technology become a part and participle of our lives? Will our lives be completely different without technology? Certainly, and without any doubt, the answer is a definite yes. If you just imagine for a moment living without your smartphone, you will get goosebumps. If we look around for a moment, the two inventions of technology have become necessary food for us; smartphones and the internet.

“Feeling a little dizzy today!”. “Let’s Google it”.

“How to make a chocolate cake?”. “Search the recipe on YouTube”

And the list of our internet usage goes on. On the other hand, we have become lethargic souls. We would prefer to arrange a Facetime in pajamas rather than dressing up and going to meet someone in person. We would drop a text of ‘Happy new year’, and would avoid going out to buy a greeting card and post it. We have become socially awkward personalities; on contrary living a comfortable and luxurious technology-full life. No one of us would like to give up technology in return for a socially balanced life.

The first thing we do when we wake up; check our phones and switch on the light. Then for breakfast, brew the coffee in an electric coffee maker while making the toasts in an electric toaster. Meanwhile, getting ready for work with a perfectly ironed dress. Then we might call an Uber from a mobile app, or search for an address on Google Maps. Alongside, casually checking Facebook or Instagram. Using laptops and tablets at work, giving presentations on projectors. Calling home and watching them do everything on a video call. Asking our smartphone to remind us about every single thing. Like said before, we can’t even count the assistance we take from technology every second.

The dependency on technology is real. No one of us can imagine traveling a distance of even 5km on foot or an animal, let alone a whole city or country. The air conditioning system in summers and the heating system in winters is all technology.

Imagine getting out of bed not on an alarm but on the account of sunrise. Can you do this? A big no. Imagine not talking to your child staying in another country for studies or work every other day. And can you imagine being ignorant of what’s happening in the world; no internet, no smartphone, no laptop at all? Well, can you simply just imagine washing clothes on a hands-on daily basis? No doubt, it is not entirely impossible to live without these facilities, but we are so used to technology that we can’t even imagine any of the above scenario. Living in a world without technology is not even imaginable.

According to research, 96% of the U.S population utilizes different inventions of technology every day. If we think realistically, it is obvious that homo sapiens will go insane without technology in the world. No one will be able to live in a dark home, with a small candle burning at one corner of the house. It will be a huge setback, both mentally and physically to adjust without technology. The physical comfort level will drop to 1% without technology. Humans will become more physical as compared to today. Social life will get better. Dependency on humans will increase. As far as mental health is concerned, it can be affected both ways. People are expected to go short in terms of temper. On the other hand, it is expected that depression will start getting minimized, as the pressure of being on the top will be minimum. The story of comparisons will be no more and people will be concerned about their own selves only.

Technology does have some drawbacks, but our bodies have gotten immune to them as well. Therefore, we are ready to compromise anything over a technological life. May it be our physical or mental health.

Hence, it can be conveniently said, the world would be a nightmare without technology.