Product available online, with the assistance of online transactions is more approachable to the customers. The smart approach is to maximize product availability online rather than involving physical presence. Remote check deposition is a convenient way to deposit the checks without physical presence. If your customer does not have to show up and can deposit the checks remotely, he will feel comfortable to deal with you. The only equipment needed for remote check deposition is a mobile phone with a camera.

Due to the emerging issue of COVID 19, social distancing has become a ritual. This process, where checks can be deposited online will be a preference of everyone. No involvement of currency, no handshakes, no face to face dealing. Remote check deposition is perfect to maintain social distancing.

The RCD technology works in some simple steps as stated below:

  1. Image of the check is captured
  2. Extraction of MICR line data
  3. Mobile banking receives the image of the check and starts processing it
  4. The bank will scan the user’s signature on the check and will verify it
  5. A confirmation is sent to the user about the check deposition

These 5 steps will clear all the checks without any physical interaction. You can leave a lasting impression on your customers while they will have a memorable experience with you. You can increase customer engagement with these simple yet effective scientific solutions. You can easily bring every type of customer onboard and maintain social distancing to avoid catching any virus, specifically COVID 19.