6.1 billion people are mobile phone users right now, and that is near about 70% of the world population. This figure of usability emphasizes the need for time and how important it is for your business to have a Mobile application. But the concern that ponders here that if it is necessary for you to invest in a Mobile Application Agency or you can take help from freelancing websites or here and there.

Let’s dig deeper with some raw facts and conclude this matter with a comprehensive decision of if we recommend it or not.

For this purpose, we have to create a precise comparison between two services, i.e. freelancing and agency services. 


Let’s talk about technology first because, in application development, technology means the most. It is the main paddle where you will be built and run on. Therefore, it is one of those core elements you have to look for when you are confused between varieties of options.

Application Development Agencies like Senarios has upgraded and

in-demand technologies to facilitate their clients. It says we choose and refer advanced technologies to our clients for better product performance. Whereas freelancers can be skilled in their jobs, but rarely have sophisticated technology that can screw up the entire project. Therefore, if you aspire to build a modern user app, always look for agencies with upgraded technologies.


The question clients frequently ask us is how much it cost to develop an app. Well, it depends. Primarily, it will be regulated by various factors as the type of app you want and then where you get it designed from.

Application Development Agencies has fixed prices regardless of how many revisions you may want. These companies would make it easy for you any time within the contract amount, but if you get to pick freelancers for this work, it could cost you an additional x3 because they charge hourly.

At Senarios, we free pricing issues before the progression of the actual work. It helps us sustain a mutually beneficial relationship with our clients and create a transparent environment.


Testing is the crucial and the most frustrating phase of application development. During this period, get your app through different testing phases, so you can know that you are launching a consumer-oriented and business desired application. 

Agencies like Senarios made this process easy for their clients. We pass through developed apps for alpha and beta tests. In this process, we select a bunch of in-house employees, consumer groups, and client and test the usability of an application. Whereas freelancers do not guarantee you such matters. 

A mobile application is not just praised for its interface but as well as for the functionality and usability. The Senarios team makes sure that we provide our clients with a quality product, which helps them stand out, their business in the market.

Concluding the chapter on mobile application development services of an agency, we suggest you go for QUALITY. Because it is the only thing that matters in the tech world for the acceleration of a brand’s performance.