Artificial Intelligence is an unknown buzzword for many businesses, but those who know it have grabbed the market with smart strategies and innovative products/services just with the help of machine learning tools. 

Today, there is no monopoly of Large Level Enterprise. Because machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence have made it easy for small to mid-size businesses to expose their products/services to a greater market and master the maximum market share by influencing consumer behavior with Data analytics, fraud detection, and customer relationship management techniques. These companies can alter their desired consumer behavior by implementing AI in their business kit and can get an edge over in the market.

Let’s get over all the phases that AI has made businesses pass through to this point in time, and how these phases have helped them strengthen with time.


Artificial Intelligence helps you a lot in understanding your consumer. With its Data mining techniques, you can study what your customer is looking for and what potential benefits you can offer to him with your product. 

Now let’s look at how it is possible to do all these things, even when it seems impossible without a one-on-one conversation. Right? But AI has made it easy today. Now you don’t have to call your customers to ask for their experience and feedback, but just with the right AI-based system as gamification and social media statistic, you can make it happen. These systems will tell you what your consumer is searching for and what they want. This kind of statistical data can help you produce results that are desirable for your customer and your business.


Virtual assistance is already a big thing that has made it easy to communicate with your customers. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, chatbots are designed where customers can inquire about their queries, and with the help of automated responses, their queries will get answered in no time. This feature of AI makes the business accessible to customers in no time.


With Artificial Intelligence, customers are now being offered tailored solutions for their problems. By incorporating AI systems in CRM, companies are doing great with their sales approach. They are now reaching the right audience at the right time with the right means. This approach helps these companies to attract those customers that are looking for them and don’t bother those who are out for something else. With AI, companies are pitching their clients smartly and timely.


Today, consumers need personalized experience and AI is even making it easy for businesses to give their customers the personalized experience that they yearn for. 

Artificial Intelligence can now evaluate consumer patterns like credit scores, past purchases, and considering these parameters, these systems are designed to offer and show them the products/services according to their need. This predictive intelligence helps companies to engage their customers while entertaining them with potential benefits through their products/services.

Senarios is a software company that is out here to help businesses with technicalities they can’t handle. We are striving to grow by helping people and businesses grow in this modern digital world. Our AI consultants and Data analysts are versed to propose better solutions for your business. Contact us today and know more!

How does it worth hiring an app development agency?

6.1 billion people are mobile phone users right now, and that is near about 70% of the world population. This figure of usability emphasizes the need for time and how important it is for your business to have a Mobile application. But the concern that ponders here that if it is necessary for you to invest in a Mobile Application Agency or you can take help from freelancing websites or here and there.

Let’s dig deeper with some raw facts and conclude this matter with a comprehensive decision of if we recommend it or not.

For this purpose, we have to create a precise comparison between two services, i.e. freelancing and agency services. 


Let’s talk about technology first because, in application development, technology means the most. It is the main paddle where you will be built and run on. Therefore, it is one of those core elements you have to look for when you are confused between varieties of options.

Application Development Agencies like Senarios has upgraded and

in-demand technologies to facilitate their clients. It says we choose and refer advanced technologies to our clients for better product performance. Whereas freelancers can be skilled in their jobs, but rarely have sophisticated technology that can screw up the entire project. Therefore, if you aspire to build a modern user app, always look for agencies with upgraded technologies.


The question clients frequently ask us is how much it cost to develop an app. Well, it depends. Primarily, it will be regulated by various factors as the type of app you want and then where you get it designed from.

Application Development Agencies has fixed prices regardless of how many revisions you may want. These companies would make it easy for you any time within the contract amount, but if you get to pick freelancers for this work, it could cost you an additional x3 because they charge hourly.

At Senarios, we free pricing issues before the progression of the actual work. It helps us sustain a mutually beneficial relationship with our clients and create a transparent environment.


Testing is the crucial and the most frustrating phase of application development. During this period, get your app through different testing phases, so you can know that you are launching a consumer-oriented and business desired application. 

Agencies like Senarios made this process easy for their clients. We pass through developed apps for alpha and beta tests. In this process, we select a bunch of in-house employees, consumer groups, and client and test the usability of an application. Whereas freelancers do not guarantee you such matters. 

A mobile application is not just praised for its interface but as well as for the functionality and usability. The Senarios team makes sure that we provide our clients with a quality product, which helps them stand out, their business in the market.

Concluding the chapter on mobile application development services of an agency, we suggest you go for QUALITY. Because it is the only thing that matters in the tech world for the acceleration of a brand’s performance.

This is how machine learning can boost your business efficiency

Machine Learning is an opportunity to understand and optimize your performance on experienced tasks with algorithms and virtual models. Its evolution has transformed the way users communicate with companies, and the way companies operate and respond to consumers. 

Machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies now on the marketplace and have helped to improve efficiency by 40%, and according to research, where this technology exists on platforms, 49 percent of consumers are likely to buy often, and 34 percent are prepared to invest more capital. Even 61% of marketers often state that machine learning is the most critical part of their business plan.

Therefore, today we will explore four major tips on how you can use AI to enhance your business performance and productivity.


Machine learning tools can improve flexibility and reliability by automating repetitive activities such as data processing, information organization, and monitoring patterns. The enormous advantage of machine learning business systems is that we can execute all these functions in a moment, even with a vast volume of data.

These innovative monitoring platforms would not only display the result in a visually enticing manner but will also show the detail in a way that is easy to interpret. From it, you will gain valuable insights into customer preferences, which can further shape your corporate strategy.


Mckinsey says that artificial intelligence makes inventory cuts of 20% to 50%. With AI and ML, we can evaluate production and performance models and assess information specifically when adjusting to new goods, disrupting distribution networks, and peaks or low demand. 

It clearly says that AI and ML improve forecast accuracy and reduces speculation. The AI forecasting maintains commodity usability and decreases stockpiling at the same time. It allows corporations to know the buying behavior of their clients. 

All Thanks to this market-basket analysis, the sales team can now build demand for other goods.


Probably the fullest value of machine learning is the potential to improve market efficiency. Machine learning frameworks integrate data from all areas of industry; provide IT leaders with a thorough description of processes and practices, and an ability to simplify. Artificial intelligence algorithms also alluded to as automated processes, work to synthesize all historical databases and emerging data to enhance processes around the board, from quality control to enforcement.


Deloitte has also published a customer survey finding that 20% of customers are prepared to have a 20% premium on custom goods or services.  It says all that today, customers embrace tailored, personalized and exclusive products/services over regular ones. Advancements in AI and digital intelligence allow people to take customization to next level by creating services and goods that are extremely important to the needs of specific customers.

Such companies have the potential to make innovative proposals that can include a price differential, increase customer traffic, and improve conversion. It also allows companies to create deeper trust in their consumers through a customized outlet.


Know how SEO is Essential for every Business

Today, users rely on online platforms to discover anything from food blogs to B2B app developers and much more. It refers to the attributes of whatever your company does; your potential customers will probably look for goods or services like yours online. Moreover, if you would like to draw customers to your website, you need to customize your webpage with SEO tools and strategies. If you have not acknowledged this, then the big question for you is why to customize it. Therefore, today we will clarify precisely what makes SEO so significant.


Search Engine Optimization provides high-quality traffic. It says it turns you over to the crowd that is waiting for you. 

In a market of pointless ads, SEO allows you the opportunity to reach only those who are looking for your services. It also makes the process easier for you. Do you know how? Let us tell you that. If your consumer is already aware of what they want, the only thing they are worried about is the quality and price of your goods. It leaves you with the authority to play with the quality and price of your products to give yourself an advantage over the rivals.


Google’s primary aim is to offer the best likely outcomes for its customers.

As a result, much of their algorithm concentrates on ensuring that it leads visitors to pages that not only have useful information but also likewise provide customer experience. Therefore, nowadays, technological considerations such as mobile ease of access, functionality, and web speed play an essential role in rating than it has ever been.

Although this means that optimizing your site may take technical support, it also implies that you will invariably enhance the customer experience on your website. 


SEO is the secret to your brand’s growth, and there is no doubt about it. The higher you score on a google search with a bunch of top keywords, the more organic web visits your website gets. It is just as plain as that to achieve this kind of success you just have to get your list of keywords that would work for your business. 

Well-optimized websites are more likely to catch more visitors and generate more profits. People are much more likely to promote your company with other media platforms after they have discovered your site using a search tool.


The greater you are SEO ranking, the higher you would rank on searches like Google and Bing. Besides, higher rankings on Google appeal to all branded products because of increased accessibility. The second benefit is the trust you gain with prospective consumers. Consumers withhold to the suggestions that the webpage provides, so getting a higher status for the keywords that the customer is looking for will strengthen your service or product as trustable in the customer’s head.

Now you might be looking through your contact list and wondering which friend can help you rank your website on the first page. No need for that because SEO is a science that we have mastered. We take your company and logo and strategically position it in front of your chosen primary audience at the exact hour they are looking for a particular product that you deliver or provide.

So if you want to lead the market, get in touch with us!

5 Key benefits of the website to small businesses

46% of small business owners still do not have a website for their business. Whereas, the stats tell us that over 70% of people are spending almost 6hours of their day online. This information informs us that these small business proprietors still do not appreciate how much it is essential for them to make a presence online. Besides the fact that they are doing within their offline businesses, it does not change the fact that the online presence of a business does not just boost its sales but improve the integrity, and build a strong relationship with its audience. 

To enlighten our audience, we are pointing the potential five benefits of a website that can help a small business.


Websites make those things possible that your physical business cannot. With an eCommerce website, you can sell anytime to anyone. This virtual world tool helps you connect with people from all over the world and make possible accessible ways for payment. Not only does it ensure prosperity, but it also lets you market your company on a vaster scale without even costing a cent. Whereas, offline businesses are only open to customers who live near your store, which has tied your profits to a particular class of customer.


A website removes the need for traditional stores with high running expenses, including worker’s compensation, rents, services, etc. Except for these operating costs, you can bring down prices and give businesses the appropriate comparative benefit. Having an internal website will save you a lot of time, so anything you need is in one location and can be viewed.


Business website development gives you an edge over your competition. Don’t know how? Let us explain.

Online channels provide you with a range of resources that help you realize what your customer is asking. While with the use of analytical tools, you can use the client feedback in the best possible way. It will help you improvise your services according to and help you do better next time. Whereas, your competitors are unaware of what they are selling and who is their target market.


Most small companies seek to grow in the marketplace and connect with potential clients. Although face-to-face encounters can be sufficient, business mostly emerges from word-of-mouth, a website offers a chance to “hand on your card” to millions online. Via an e-commerce website, you can make sales online and distribute the product to consumers virtually anywhere around the world. With a website, you can attract a higher range of future clients and prospects.


You must educate as many people as possible about your business. You should remind people that your business exists and what your company does.

A website that reflects your company can allow you to have online exposure and exploration and create or improve brand awareness. If you have several backlinks from reputable sites to yours, it will lend your company credibility.

Now you want a website that can help you build an authoritative image in front of your consumer. Just contact us. 

Here at Senarios, we have specialized website development expertise to facilitate our clients for small to mid-level businesses.

Flourish your Business with our E-Commerce Services

Many successful eCommerce businesses had already learned that to stay ahead of the market requires constant financing and comprehensive benchmarking techniques. These enterprises act as an effective weapon as they enthusiastically establish a digital presence to gain potential clients. Few of them show the productive potential to grow profitable sales, but they can never contend with consumer standards and complicated patterns because of awful tech tactics. Whereas, E-commerce consultants on the other side are digital business professionals and can potentially help you increase sales. 

At Senarios, our competent professionals assess the business, then layout a peculiar marketing plan to cultivate your online market outside of the box. These experts are the primary innovators who understand how to cope with the demographics while providing you with strategies that have the power to uniform your business.

Ecommerce site Development:

With the valuable help of our highly experienced and skilled Web specialists, we have been capable of serving our clients with a reliable E-commerce website and application services. Our web application and personalized programming tools generally encompass everything. 

We develop adaptive, engaging, and exemplary sites that will conquer your influential audiences and potential clients and will also enable you to efficiently generate profit.

Business Growth: 

The time you hire a professional from senarios, they will instantly start toiling for you to deliver a unique image of your business that will graciously allow you to scale up your business with no fuss. Eventually, these experts will also help you grow in a wide range while spending the bare minimum of your considerable time and resources.

Following this, our experts know all the ultimate tricks to advertise the commercial product to the desired target audience and boost financial performance and business expansion.

Feasible Services:

Considered specialists voluntarily offer workable facilities to businesses that will save their prime time and money while willingly offering them their specialized skills digitally. It will ultimately maximize the opportunity to focus on business expansion goals.

Strategic Growth:

Our experienced consultants and leading specialists are properly equipped to support you in compliance with your business plan. We will provide you with the strategies to encourage you to realistically accomplish and sustain the growth by technical, pragmatic, and system optimization that will make it much easier for you to enhance performance, maximize efficiency, minimize costs and modestly improve productivity.

We will bring out the best in your Company!

Operating with Senarios will help you transform your business. Our consultants will help you apply your budget efficiently. We reliably provide several eCommerce services as Integrating, analyzing customizing client data, improving site performance, boosting customer engagement and, producing action-based insights for more effective optimization.

Senarios guarantees you will witness an impact. The desired outcomes are as reliable as you can assess them. We aim to enthusiastically encourage modest enterprises over a diverse array. We acknowledge that almost all businesses are unique and properly recognizing the imperative necessities of your organization is our prime focus. Running a company could be immensely difficult and stressful therefore our key aim is to concentrate solely on your eCommerce sites while you are maintaining the prime focus on your core business!

Optimize your Web speed with Senarios

47 percent of each potential customer expects social sites to load within 1 second or less, and 40 percent will typically end up automatically quitting a page that takes three seconds or more, so it is no surprise to increase site speeds for better public interaction.

High-performance sites lead to frequent visits, low flip rates, and more conversions that are significant, higher activity, higher search rankings, and a great user experience. Therefore, appropriately securing a collective effort to enhance your web speed even by one second can cordially receive a massive impact on direct conversions.

Many contributing factors determine how often every other page on your official website ordinarily requires load properly. However, there are various ways you can progressively improve the customer experience by optimizing the speed of your website.


You may be commonly sharing hosting with likely hundreds of other organizations on a standard shared hosting account, which can undoubtedly affect your website’s speed because a complex number of people are managing a similar server. Therefore, we suggest you use better hosting for your website.


A lot of pictures, videos, visuals on your retail sites will increase your interaction. The big downside of image usage is that they are extensive files that bog back at the site.

The other way of reducing the size of an image despite losing its value is to compact photographs using different tools. Using HTML sensitive images depending on the user display proprieties is also an alternative way to reduce the image size.


Website redirects typically generate massive HTTP requests that harm optimal performance. We recommend you deter those to a low or completely eradicate them. Next, you will accurately identify all the redirects on your social site by carefully examining the active list. You had to check they serve the essential aim and end up leaving just the crucial ones.


Reducing a file means removing excessive format, void space, and code as every piece of code undoubtedly contributes to the size of your specific page. Excluding extra spaces, hyphens, and indentation is crucial. It will surely help make sure your social websites are as minimal as possible.


When it comes to plugins, less is more!

Added web features with plugins are available for a fee: degrading efficiency. Unfortunately, several extensions are used by webmasters to integrate enticing but often unwanted roles such as gravatar, website information, profile, and font resources.

Most sites are popular with up to 80 plugins. However, the number is not necessarily a problem if the plugins enabled are well established to discourage unnecessary server processing and nuanced actions.

We hope you have to find beneficial tips that you can use to optimize your website, as these are some factors above listed that decelerate the computation of social sites. To instantly improve the loading time, communicate with an expert on our team. We will help you work out things more efficiently in minimum time and budget.

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Digital transformation measures the success of your business! Surprising? Know how!

Studies preceded that massive global investment is expected to reach a new hype until 2023. A total of $2.3 trillion (ÂŁ1.8 trillion) will enable businesses to achieve an edge of transformation. It says DIGITAL will become the NEW NORMAL in the next few years. Eventually it will become a compulsion for all businesses to shift to digital for new opportunities, more exposure, and sales leads. It will not just derive better results but eventually will make the process easy for small to gigantic level enterprises. As far as we can witness, the strategic alliance between corporations, modern approaches for consumers, more progress within the workplace, and the opportunity to gather useful information from the data are a few of the prime advantages of the virtual space.

Besides this, we want to give you two solid reasons to transform your small local store to an eCommerce store or develop an application to access your consumers from their ease using our different development services.


The consumer has the power to develop or destroy any business, and nowadays, the consumer is evolving. He is growing according to his ease and needs. That rules, to make your business successful in the long run, you have to think of consumer’s needs with ease by making the process easy for consumers from selection to purchasing and deliverables, and with a strengthening consumer; you can never win the race without stepping into the digital world.

Suppose, if you have a roadside local grocery store in your area and you do not provide home delivery services to your regular customers, do you think they are going to linger with you in the long term? Even when they have many other better providers on board who can provide them the services they are looking for. Never! Whereas, if you have a customized business application for your store, the buyer will choose you repeatedly because you are meeting his needs with ease by providing him the daily essentials from the comfort of his home.


There is a lot of useful data out there now, but not everybody seeks to make informed decisions. Didn’t get it? Let us explain!

Digitalization provides the feature to get the intuitions of your customer through insights. Insights allow you to recognize how consumers act, what they genuinely think about the company, and how the company is perceived in the marketplace. Considering these factors, you can make a better and competent decision to sustain a mutually beneficial relationship with your customers.

The primary part of going virtual is unless you are not available on the internet; it is just as if you never happened. Although what goes further into the cycle is strategic preparation and planning. Both the consumers and future staff are devoted to quality experience and rewards, and businesses have no option but to be on the monitor and consistently boost their loyalty and retention.

Now you might wonder how I am supposed to transform my business. Don’t worry, just get in touch with us.

We are an IT and software development company with an extensive history in developing compelling digital success stories. We also helped a variety of companies and independent entrepreneurs build positive consumer relationships with innovative digital transformation.

Will Software Technology Ever Rule The World?

There was a time when people used to drop messages using pigeons to their loved ones sitting far away. The trend was replaced by writing letters. Then came the wired phones where people could hear the voices and considered it as a big blessing. Today, not only one can listen to the voice but one can see a real-time video on a smartphone with no wires. This trend shows how much technology advanced within a century. Exponential advancement is seen in the last decade. What can we expect in the next decade? An obvious rule of software technology over the world.

As per research, those who do not make their products artificially intelligent till 2030 will have no existence in the future. It means it’s all about intelligent systems from now on. Everything is going to be related to software in near future. In previous times, the automation industry replaced manpower. Machine and robots took the jobs of human workers from industries. In the coming future, the software will replace professionals and experts from life. Hence, there is a probability you may lose your job if you haven’t equipped yourself with the latest technology.

We have seen it already; supermarkets have been replaced by online grocery stores. With just a click on the phone, we can easily build your wardrobe from scratch. We can surprise our loved ones, living far away from us, from online gift stores. No car, no worries. A simple app on our phone can bring the car to our doorstep and can take us to places. Netflix is already replacing Televisions from our daily routine. It’s all about the latest technology and software in our lives. The story does not end here. This software technology is going to define our lives in the near future.

In some time, the concept of laptops and televisions will be diminished. The world of VR, AR, IoT, data analysis, and cloud computing is emerging. This time is not far away and we are already observing a glimpse of it. The customers will prefer to go for a software friendly product. Well, who does not like to access things while sitting on his favorite couch?

In the far future, there will be a time when no doctors will be needed. Sensors will be implanted in our bodies to track the health record. Through numerous software, the illness will be recorded on our phone and similarly, the process of medicine will be done. Does it sound scary? Yes, it does. But it also means that we have to go with the pace of the world. The bookish life is facing a dead end. It’s all about how much artificial intelligence and machine learning you implement in your product. If your product does not come with custom software solutions, it is going to be a big fail. The competition in the market is going to rise on the peak as every entrepreneur is well aware of the software demand in this hour of the technological century.

After analyzing the growing trends in technology, we can safely say that software technology will rule the world. The time is not far either. In a decade or two, a smartphone with tons of software and apps will be the solution to every single problem. Every resource will be a click away and every comfort will be at the doorstep with a little exercise of thumbs. Or who knows, the thumbs will be replaced by an eye gesture within some time. All in all, it’s all the game of software. Therefore, if your product comes with a convenient software solution, it will be on the top ranks. Otherwise, it will remain dead in the cave.

In order to walk with technology, you must be equipped with the latest software solutions. Looking for someone, who provides custom software solutions for your product should be your top priority. The notion is to satisfy the customers and customer looks for a software friendly product first. Also, with the analysis of software ruling over the world, it is necessary to provide services of a similar kind. Time to think smartly and implement a smart solution to your product. You can always approach us and avail of our services related to custom software solutions. We guarantee promising services and will make your product intelligent and smart. To get a quote, click the button below.

Where App Development is Headed in the Next Five Years?

Every year we witness a new trend emerging in science and technology. Some of them become a norm with time while others become obsolete. There was seen an emerging trend of mobile apps in the last decade. With the passage of time, the mobile app trend did not diminish. On the other hand, it went to its peak. Accessing a product through the mobile app is a customer’s first choice. A customer will always prefer a product which he can view on his smartphone while sitting comfortably on his couch.

The future of app development seems very promising. In the next five years, the field of app development will be experiencing a twist regarding new technology. To get to know about the future of app development in the next five years, read the full blog below.

Beacon Technology

Beacon technology utilizes BLE signals to help business or an enterprise connect with their customers. A mobile app powered with Beacon will be able to catch signals in a beacon’s zone. Consequently, the customer will be notified about his required product around him through the app. Beacon technology will target the tourism and travel industry, the process of mobile payment, and physical games.

AI and ML equipped Mobile Apps

It is predicted that AI and ML will turn the Sci-Fi into reality. In the future, the AI and ML equipped apps will not even let the users use their fingers. With just speech and eye gestures, the customer will be able to look for the desired products through mobile apps.

5G Wireless Technology

The technology of 5G wireless will be all over the app development industry in the coming years. The speed of apps will be increased to 100 times more than the 4G network. Samsung and LG are already working on bringing the 5G chips into the market. According to the research, 5G is the future.


The technology of EMM and APP has already dwelled in the field of mobile app development. APM ensures that the app does not go sluggish because of various snags. EMM ensures the security of the devices with the apps. In the future, these technologies will be there to provide similar functions, which will help in increasing the efficiency and productivity of a business.

AR and VR technology

AR and VR are usually being implemented in the entertainment and gaming industry. It is predicted that in near future, these technologies will also be executed in apps. In this way, the customer will be able to visit the product virtually, before buying it. Sephora and IKEA have already implemented VR technology in their apps and their customers are very satisfied. In 5 years, AR and VR will become a norm in app development.


In near future, most of the businesses will be handled over chatbots. Customers, while sitting at home, will have a real-time interaction with the employees of an enterprise using Bots technology. It is already induced in the apps of healthcare and eCommerce sectors.

Instant Mobile Apps

We all want to use mobile apps but never want to download them. In the future, downloading an app would not be necessary anymore. A customer can have an instant mobile app and will be able to experience the real app functions. How helpful will it be!

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

The technology of AMP will help us load the websites at the speed of light. No more waiting for a website to load with AMP. Mobile apps will implement this technology religiously in the coming future.

IoT in Apps

Are you one of those people who always forget whether you switched off the light or burner while leaving the house? No worries anymore. Your smartphone will now alarm you about any such situation. IoT integration with mobile apps will make your smart home and smart business a reality.

Cloud Technology

Cloud is known to provide us with unlimited space. The amalgam of an app with Cloud is new in trends. It will be the norm in the next 5 years. Cloud helps with streamlined operations, enhanced productivity, improved collaboration, and low equipment cost.

App development has a rich future. It will be going through a lot of technological advancements. Any business, not equipping with the latest technologies in app development will be ruled out soon. If you want to make your business smart through mobile apps, you can contact us. We provide custom software solutions with the latest technology. To get a quote, please click the button below.